(the magic of mayo)

So the Wagners undertook the daunting task of re-staining our deck on Saturday in order to improve our condo’s value when comes time to list it. deckstaining It was such a perfect day in Chicago that there was nothing I would rather do (plus or minus about 30 other things) than stain our deck.  Alas, it turned out great.  I mean, look at the face.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a few cold ones on this deck while listening to a concert at Wrigley Field?  Did I mention it will be for sale soon?

Anyways, anyone who has dealt with stain before knows it’s a messy business; we learned this the hard way when we stained our staircase railing a few months ago.  You can scrub your skin so hard you’re about to tear it off without any luck…UNTIL you wash your hands with mayonnaise!  It sounds really disgusting (some people won’t even allow it on their turkey sandwich let alone rub it on your body), but it really, really works.  So without hesitation, upon completion of this really fun project, I grabbed the mayo and jumped into the shower.  I know, I know, but just trust me on this one.  It’s science!

neil degrasse tyson animated GIF

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