(easy holiday decor + tour)

Just sharing a few pics and tips from our Christmasfied home for anyone that may be hosting this year and looking for some quick and easy inspo.  If you are a procrastinator like myself or just too busy watching all those horrible yet addicting Netflix Christmas movies (hey, they’re not going to watch themselves), these tricks are all easy enough that you can get them done in a few minutes – and still have time to finish The Princess Switch.Artesian Designs | Holiday ...Buffalo plaid, ivory curtains

Without realizing it, I went mad for plaid this season.  I picked up the red plaid ribbon on the tree from Costco last year and haven’t stopped using it since.  It easily adds the perfect amount of classic holiday flare where ever you may need it.

Artesian Designs | Holiday ...Buffalo plaid, ivory curtains, Birch Lane Montgomery Sofa, Fiddleleaf

We rearranged our living room to make the tree the focal point – although our little engine that could fiddle leaf in the corner refuses to be ignored.  Our living room typically looks like this…Artesian Designs | Holiday ...Buffalo plaid, ivory curtains, Birch Lane Montgomery Sofa, Wayfair

Absolutely love this sofa from Birch Lane via Wayfair; the white fabric (has miraculously stayed clean) and makes the perfect backdrop for holiday pillows and throws, which really cozies up the room.  For me, the more layers the better when it comes to holiday decor 🙂Artesian Designs | Holiday ...How to hang garland with velcro

TIP #1:

Use velcro to hang garland along your staircase railing.  See that green strip under the ribbon?  That’s the velcro.  Wrap the garland and railing together just before a baluster post to keep it from slipping.  Then take that fabulous ribbon you picked up and tie a pretty bow around it.  It easily covers the velcro and adds that extra flare you’ve been looking for.Artesian Designs | Holiday ...Powder Room Swag

TIP #2:

Easily add some festiveness to your powder room by cutting off  a small branch from your tree and hanging it from your sconce with that same pretty ribbon.  I wrapped a rubber band around the stem and then pulled the ribbon through the loop to keep the branch hanging properly.  Side note: photographing a powder room ain’t easy – these pics don’t do it justice.Artesian Designs | Holiday ...Powder Room Swag

TIP #3:

For instant holiday glam, fill a bowl with shiny ornaments and put on display – DONE!  I recently bought these ornaments (and bowl!) at Target for $5, but you can use whatever you like – even add some lights for extra pizzaz.  Is it socially acceptable to say pizzaz?Artesian Designs | Holiday ... Easy DecorArtesian Designs | Holiday ... Easy Decor Dining Room

TIP #4:

Lastly, the instaworld has been set atwitter with wreaths hanging from the back of stools.  If you don’t feel like making that investment/hassle, take that same pretty ribbon from before and tie a bright bow on the top.  Super easy, gives the kitchen a fun touch, and ties all your decor together (pun absolutely intended).Artesian Designs | Holiday ... Easy Decor Bow on Stool

Now go get that ribbon and get on your horse reindeer!

Wishing you a merry, merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and happy New Year!  xoxo