(boys baseball bedroom)

Now that the World Series is over, I thought I would extend the season just a bit by sharing my son’s baseball bedroom.  Our son, Luke, bleeds Cubbie blue (takes after his Dad), so it only made sense to create a fun, bright space where he can pay homage to his favorite team.  No joke, he replaces the names in that annoying “Mommy finger” song to “Kris Bryant finger, where are you?” and cried the day we took down our W flag.

Now in Luke’s room, the season goes all year long!  It has quickly become one of our favorite rooms in the house; it hosts daily train play and nightly batting practice.  The huge windows overlook the beautiful fall foliage and allow the sunlight to pour in, making it a cheery space even in these windy Chicago days.

Little Boys Chicago Cubs Baseball Bedroom | The Artesian Project

It wouldn’t be a proper Cubs room without the Wrigley Field marquis that we ordered from FatHead.  The red helped to counter all the blue in the room and added the perfect focal point above the bed.

Little Boys Chicago Cubs Baseball Bedroom | The Artesian Project

This little book nook is where Luke picks out his bedtime stories and keeps his “buddies” when they aren’t hanging out in his bed.  The cubbies (pun intended) and striped baskets were an easy and affordable storage solution (love that free shipping from Target!) to keep that area organized.  The navy blue chair is vintage from my grandmother that I recently had refinished and the grey star chair is a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chair.

Little Boys Bedroom | The Artesian Project

The iron headboard is from Wayfair and helps to tie the vintage nightstands together with the more current pieces in the room.  The comforter and sheets are both from Target’s PillowFort line.

The blue lamps are from HomeGoods and add the perfect amount of height to the wall – and the perfect amount of light for bedtime stories.

The area rug is what really makes this room.  It is super soft and a fun play on a baseball diamond.  Luke loves to hit home run after home run on it or use the trellis as train tracks.  I have ordered multiple area rugs from RugsUSA and have yet to be disappointed!  They are always running great promotions and offering free shipping.

Little Boys Bedroom | The Artesian Project

My husband had fun getting in on the Cubs decor and ordered this special signed scorecard from Kerry Wood’s 20K game that benefits the Wood Family Foundation.  I was very happy to find this cool hanging frame that perfectly fit the odd-sized scorecard from Heath and Hand by Magnolia at Target.

Boys Bedroom The Artesian Project

Luke loves all forms of transportation, so when I found the vintage-looking fighter plane at HomeGoods, I knew we had to include it.  We used fishing wire to keep it in constant flight.  The ceramic hot air balloon actually hung on the wall in my childhood bedroom as well as my mom’s!  Fun little heirloom.

Fiddle Leaf Fig The Artesian Project

It probably doesn’t look like it, but this Fiddle Leaf Fig tree has made a huuuuge comeback and is very happy in this room.  Before we moved it, there was only one leaf remaining – and now it is growing a second plant at the base of the trunk!!  Highly recommend Lechuza’s Self-watering planters for house plants.  The drainage system keeps the roots from rotting out – and have saved two Fiddle Leafs in our house!

Boy Chicago Cubs Bedroom The Artesian Project

This is how we are currently positioning the room while our little guy gets acclimated to his big boy bed.


Wicker storage basket is from Target (similar here).


Our happy guy jumping on the bed while singing “GO CUBS GO!”

And now we begin the countdown until opening day…

(mullin’ over mullions)

Now added to the list of things I never thought I would care about: mullions.  Most of you are probably asking “What the h are mullions??” and a few weeks ago, I would have been in that exact same boat.  Mullions, you see, are window grilles.  But what the h are window grilles?  Window grilles are simply the pattern that goes into (or not) your windows.  Por ejamplo:

Window Grilles | www.theartesianproject.wordpress.comThe first step of the process was to decide: do you want any mullions?  Sure, why not?  I actually have always liked the look without ever really knowing what they were.  I like that mullions can add a bit of interest to your facade without being something so in-your-face.  Just a nice delicate touch.

Step 2: what color do you want your mullions?  Ughhhh.  Well, the windows will be black, so how about black?  But do you want true black or black bronze?  Oye.

Step 3: do you want these mullions applied to your window, integral which is within the pane of the glass, or true separated light (meaning that instead of just adding a grid on top of one large window, the grid outlines 15 mini panes of glass – ie $$$ cha ching).  How about applied?  Oooh about that, we just looked into your windows and that’s no longer an option.  Okay, integral it is.

Step 4: now where exactly on the house do you want these mullions?  Everywhere?  Okay, but that will cost extra (of course).  Ooookay, how about just the front and back facades?  But do you want them on every window on both facades? AHHHH!!

This is where I jumped ship because a la Jay Cutler I just “dooooon’t caaaaare.”  Then I thought about it some more – well I will be living in this house…I want to enjoy it….maybe I would regret not putting these in.

Alas, Step 5: Research the hell out of Houzz and see if anything resonates with you.  I was putting in search phrases which, surely, no one has ever bothered to type in the history of the internet: exterior french door mullions, grilles, window patterns; living room sliding glass doors; back of house windows; mixed window mullions.  So here are a few of my favorite grillz that are awesome, but would probably never work on our skinny mini house:

grillz | www.TheArtesianProject.wordpress.com   

Do you remember when Brooke Hogan had grillz?  Or let me try that again: do you remember Brooke Hogan?

Now I know you are on the edge of your seat after reading this really important, mind-bending of a story…SO we ended up going with Colonial style errywhere on the front and the back.  All colonial everything.

Here’s hoping it all turns out!